Public Comment Protocol

The Board uses the public comment period as an opportunity to listen to, but not debate, issues or enter a question-and-answer session with the speaker. Public comment must be germane to school district business. The Board values civil, respectful statements and clear, concise communications that help to inform its deliberations.

Community members are always welcome at Dover Area School District Board meetings.

Once it is your turn to speak, you may approach the podium. Only one person can speak at the podium unless the speaker is a minor. If the individual is a minor, an adult must accompany them.

Dover Area School District policy 903 ( states: 

“To ensure the opportunity to as many persons as possible, the maximum period for participation per person will be limited to three (3) minutes at the beginning of the meetings.”

To ensure respect for the people and process involved, the Board requires speakers to adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Do not make any comments related to a personnel matter.  
  2. When asked, please state your name and confirm that you have signed in with your address for the record.
  3. Your remarks are limited to three minutes.