Speech/Language Support

The Dover Area School District contracts with Lincoln Area Intermediate Unit to provide speech/language support services to students identified with a speech /language impairment .

Speech/Language information: External Linkhttps://pa02203745.schoolwires.net/Page/625

Dover Elementary

  • Mr. Michael Thomas M.S. CCC/SLP

Dover High School

  • Mrs. Sarah Michalak M.S. CCC/SLP

Dover Intermediate

  • Mr. Michael Thomas M.S CCC/SLP
  • Ms. Beth Richwine M.S. CCC/SLP

Leib Elementary

  • Ms. Beth Richwine M.S. CCC/SLP

North Salem Elementary

  • Mrs. Danielle Brockman M.A CCC/SLP

Weiglestown Elementary

  • Miss Alicia Vandermark M.S. CCC/SLP

Transitioning preschool students

Kindergarten students who received speech/language support services prior to entering kindergarten will begin to receive services after the first 10 days of school given their preschool IEP was adopted by the Dover Area School District

Students who move into DASD with a  speech/language IEP from within Pennsylvania

Students previously identified as having a speech/language impairment who have an IEP from a PA school district will receive services upon enrollment in DASD provided the school district is aware of those services.

Students who move into DASD with an IEP from outside Pennsylvania

Students who have a speech/language IEP from another state will begin to receive services following their current IEP as closely as possible, however an evaluation will be needed.

Teacher and/or parent referral

Students referred by their teacher or by a parent due to concerns regarding speech/language skills  will be screened by the speech therapist to determine if formal testing is warranted (please refer to developmental milestone charts https://pa02203745.schoolwires.net/Page/625.

If screening results and academic team concerns indicate further testing is needed the following will occur:

  • Permission to Evaluate form will be sent home for parent signature-this form gives us permission to conduct speech/language testing
  • An Evaluation Report (ER)  will be sent home for parent review prior to meeting to discuss outcome of evaluation. The ER summarizes speech/language test results as well as academic performance.
  • Invitation to review the ER and possibly develop an IEP will be sent home with the ER.

External Linkhttps://pa02203745.schoolwires.net/Page/625

  • Speech sound development
  • Language development
  • Fluency