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Middle Level Education: What We Value and Believe 

The middle school years serve as the “bridge” between the elementary and high school levels; not only must our middle schools reinforce what students have learned while in elementary school, they must build upon this base and provide students with a solid foundation for their ninth-grade experiences when they enter high school. At Dover, we believe our middle school can and must aspire to achieve goals beyond merely preparing students to enter high school, for middle school is a time of tremendous personal growth for early adolescents. 

The National Middle School Association (2005) identified seven Key Developmental Needs of early adolescents (10-15 years of age): 

  1. Positive social interactions with adults / peers 
  2. Structure and clear limits 
  3. Competence and achievement 
  4. Creative expression 
  5. Physical activity 
  6. Meaningful participation in families and school 
  7. Communities and opportunities for self- definition 

Dover Area Middle School strives to: 

  • Challenge all students academically with instruction that poses high expectations for all and which is responsive to the individual differences and needs of students. 
  • Help students to build the positive self-image needed to gain confidence in establishing and keeping relationships with peers and adults. 
  • Provide students with diverse, developmentally appropriate experiences in and out of the classroom to promote healthy physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth. 
  • Provide students with leadership and role modeling intended to help them develop respect for themselves and for people from different backgrounds and cultures. 
  • Help students to develop the effective decision- making and personal management skills needed to become responsible young adults. 
  • Help students to realize that learning, both academic and non-academic, is a process that can lead to professionally and personally rewarding experiences throughout life. 

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2020-2023 Dover Area School District Comprehensive Plan
Fields and athletic facilities continue to remain closed
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DASD Athletic/Extracurricular Health and Safety Plan

Any questions regarding the DASD Athletic/Extracurricular Health & Safety Plan, as well as, athletic and extracurricular activities questions related to COVID-19 should be directed to the following Planning Team Members:

DASD Athletic/Extracurricular Health & Safety Plan Point of Contact:

DASD Athletic/Extracurricular Health & Safety Plan Planning Team

  • Dr. Troy Wiestling, Director of Athletics and Student Activities, twiestling@doversd.org                                                                
  • Mr. David App, MS, LAT, ATC, Athletic Trainer/Assistant Athletic Trainer, dapp@doversd.org  

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