Tax Office

Tax Office Overview

The Dover Area School District School District Real Estate Tax is mailed directly to district residents on or about July 15th of each year. Owners are responsible for forwarding bills to their mortgage companies. If you do not receive your tax notice, please contact the following Tax Collectors:

Dover Borough 

Samuel Herman, 46 Butter Road, Dover, PA 17315  - (717) 292-1154

Dover Township

Kristine Keener, 3700-6 Davidsburg Road, Dover, PA 17315 - (717) 292-4046

The real estate tax is based on the assessed value of all property and buildings. This assessed value is determined by the York County Property Assessment Office. Questions regarding your assessed value as well as mailing address changes should be directed to the Assessment Office at (717) 771-9232. Forms and other information can be found on the York County's website.

The millage rate of the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 (beginning July 1, 2023) is  24.3070 mills. You can calculate your tax by multiplying the millage rate by your property's assessed value. For example, a property valued at $100,000 multiplied by .0243070 (mills) yields a tax of $2,430.70.

Calculate my taxes with the Tax Calculator.

Important Payment Dates

Full Payment Plan

2% Discount due by September 18,2023

Face Amount due by November 20.2023

The Penalty Period is from November 21, 2023 through December 31, 2023

Installment Plan*

1st Installment due by September 18, 2023

2nd Installment due by October 18, 2023

3rd Installment due by November 20, 2023

* The first payment must be made by September 18th to be eligible for the installment plan.

The final due date for all property tax payments is December 31st. Unpaid balances will be turned over to the York County Tax Claim Bureau for collection. The Tax Claim Bureau's phone number is (717) 771-9232.

Taxpayer FAQ's

How can I pay my bill?

The following options are available for payment of real estate taxes. Please note that payments must be made for the amount billed. Partial payments will not be accepted unless you qualify for the Installment Payment Option.

You may pay in person at the appropriate tax collector’s office noted above. If your taxes are escrowed, mail the original payment copy and instructions to your mortgage company. Contact your mortgage company to find out if you need to forward your bill to them for payment. Many mortgage companies do not pay interim/supplemental bills. Before you send an interim bill to your mortgage company contact them for their policy on payment of interim bills.

What is the Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion?

The Homestead/Farmstead exclusion is a property tax reduction provided through the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2006. Under a homestead or farmstead property tax exclusion, the assessed value of each homestead or farmstead is reduced by the same amount before the property tax is computed. In order to be eligible for a property tax reduction, you must have applied for and been approved by the county assessment office for the homestead or farmstead exclusion by March 1st. If you are a new resident or have not previously applied for the Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion, please contact the York County Department of Assessment at (717) 771-9232.

How can I get a receipt for my payment?

If you pay in person at the tax collector’s office, your copy of the tax bill will be marked as paid. If you mail your payment, include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment along with the Payment and Taxpayer copies of your bill and a receipt will be mailed to you.

How do I change my address on my bill?

Contact York County Assessment Office at (717) 771-9232 or visit their website at to obtain a Change of Address Form.

What if I did not receive a bill?

Failure to receive a tax notice does not relieve the taxpayer from liability for the prompt payment of taxes imposed by the taxing district. It is the responsibility of the property owner to pay the real estate tax in York County even though they may not have received their tax bill. All annual bills are mailed on or before July 15th of each year; tax bills are mailed to the last known post office address of each property owner.

Note: If there has been a change of address, and this is causing your tax bill to be forwarded to an incorrect address, the property owner must contact the County Assessment Office to complete required forms to change/update the address of record.

What is the York County Tax Claim Bureau?

The Tax Claim Bureau processes real estate liens against delinquent taxpayers for all taxing authorities within the County. Unpaid tax accounts filed during the first year of delinquency are considered tax claims. Certified notices are distributed to these accounts. When taxes go unpaid for two years, tax sale proceedings are instituted which include notification by certified mail, advertisement, Sheriff's posting and finally, sale if taxes are not paid. If your property has been liened, your taxes must be paid directly to the York County Tax Claim Bureau.

Can penalty fees and interest be waived once I have been liened?

No. Once a property has been liened, penalty fees and interest can not be waived.

How do I obtain a tax certification and is there a fee?

A tax certification is a statement showing the parcel number, the property owner of record, and the amount of taxes paid for a particular year. To obtain a tax certification, please contact the tax collector for your Borough or Township.

How do I obtain a duplicate copy of my bill?

To obtain a duplicate copy of your tax bill, please call the tax collector for your Borough or Township.