The Dover Area School District (DASD) teacher induction program is a two-year process that provides a systematic structure of support for beginning teachers or mentees. As part of your entry into DASD, you are required to complete an Induction program as required by the PA Dept. of Education:

Educator quality is the largest single factor influencing student learning. Therefore, a high quality educator induction program is an essential first step to facilitate entry in the education profession and the teaching of Pennsylvania’s high academic standards. Support for mentees increases retention rates and those who participate in intensive induction programs are more likely to:

  • Use instructional practices that improve student achievement;
  • Assign challenging work to diverse student populations;
  • Use standards-based curriculum frameworks; and
  • Accomplish the goals of the curriculum.

School districts, intermediate units, charter schools, and area vocational-technical schools in Pennsylvania have been required by the Pennsylvania Code (22 Pa. Code §49.16 and §49.83) to have a state-approved teacher induction plan for first-year teachers since 1987."

The Induction Process is created and approved by a team of stakeholders, updated every six years and approved by Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). Also, the teacher induction program is an element of DASD comprehensive plan that is approved by the Dover School Board of Directors and PDE every four years.

The Dover Area School District (DASD) induction plan provides support for all mentees in their two-year program. In the first year the mentor serves as the immediate contact and throughout the second year the building principal fulfills that role. Throughout both years a mentee can expect support from central administration, building administration, and colleagues.