Interview Rubric



4 points 


3‐2 points 


1 point

Appearance (4)

Student displays all elements of appropriate dress, grooming, and hygiene for an interview setting. 

Overall appearance is appropriate. One or more elements of interview appearance including dress, grooming, or hygiene are missing.

Student did not dress appropriately for an interview. Clothing choice, grooming, and hygiene not appropriate for interview setting. Student requires additional practice and instruction in this area.

Preparedness (4)

Student is prepared for the interview. It is evident that they have thought about possible responses ahead of time.

Student demonstrates some preparation for interview. Student would benefit from additional opportunity to review possible responses and additional practice. 

Student is not prepared for interview. There has been no thought given to possible responses. Student requires extra assistance and additional opportunities to practice.

Content/Question Answers (4)

Questions are fully answered using details and examples. 

Some questions are answered fully using details and examples. Some questions and not fully answered, are vague or incomplete 

Few or no questions are answered. Details and examples are lacking and answers are vague or incomplete. Student needs to work on improving interview content.

Enthusiasm/Verbal Communication (4)

Student displays enthusiasm to interviewer. Appears interested in communicating their thought and ideas. Ideas are communicated in a genuine, positive and upbeat manner.

Student displays some enthusiasm to interviewer, but appears nervous to communicate thoughts and ideas. Ideas are not consistently presented in a genuine, positive and upbeat manner.

Student does not display enthusiasm. Appears nervous. Thoughts and ideas are incomplete, and are not presented in a genuine, positive or upbeat manner. Student needs to work on areas of enthusiasm and verbal communication.

Posture/Eye Contact/Nonverbal Communication (4)

Shakes hands, sits up straight, appears relaxed and confident. Smiles when appropriate. Establishes eye contact throughout interview. 

Does not consistently appear confident or relaxed. Has some difficulty establishing or maintaining eye contact.

Is obviously not relaxed or confident. Lacks eye contact. Does not smile. Needs to work on nonverbal communication skills.