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School social work services are specialized services that provide systematic interventions to remove barriers to student learning and success. Services may be either prevention or intervention approaches, and both district wide or student specific. The school social worker holds a primary focus in providing clinical counseling to students that supports progress in the educational setting. School social workers are licensed professionals that adhere to the code of ethics regarding confidentiality and the delivery of professional services. 

These goals are accomplished by working with the following systems:

Working with Staff

The school social worker is responsible for the development and implementation of classroom or district-wide programming that supports students’ basic, social, emotional, and mental health needs. 

School social workers are also instrumental in supporting classroom teachers through the provision of training, consultation, and offering coaching for strategies to utilize in the classroom. 

Helping Students and Families

Social workers seek to facilitate connections between home and school environments to promote student success. Social workers regularly conduct individualized assessments with students and their families. These assessments focus on social history, developmental history, family dynamics, student behavior, and learning ability, and are used to advocate for students, as well as connect students and their families with available supports and resources.

Working with the Community

School social workers are responsible for the coordination of resources for parents, teachers, and students. The community has a tremendous amount of support to offer, and the school social worker creates bridges between the resources and those in need.

To Find Quick and Up to Date Resource Information on Family and Adolescent Issues

General Information Website for Families Needing Assistance with Bills, Food and Other Necessities

School-Based Counseling Provider- PCBH

Crisis Intervention
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Additional Resources

Community Resources

Organization Name Narrative Description of Services Offered 
New Hope Ministries

New Hope Ministries offers many different services to help the community.  Their biggest contribution to the community is their food bank. They provide cards that have all of the different food groups on them to make sure every family gets enough food in every food group for the size of the family.  Their food bank is not the only thing they provide, they provide things like secondary education, financial services, and so much more. 

York County Human Services York County Human Services provide many different resources through different departments. These departments include Area Agency on Aging, Children Youth and Families, Drugs and Alcohol, Health Choices Management Unit, Mental Health-Intellectual, and Developmental Disabilities, and Youth Development Center. York County Human Services strive to provide client-based services to help maintain or improve quality of life. All services are available to people of all ages to assure that every person’s basic needs are met in a timely and costly manner.
Community Progress Council The Community Progress Council strives to empower and assist people in the community to work towards self-sufficiency. The Community Progress Council plans to achieve this by preparing for the future, being professional, promoting relationship-based interactions, and leveraging the power of partnerships. The council works with low- to moderate-income people of all ages in York County. They examine your current situation/situations and determine how and which of their programs best aligns with your specific needs.
Penn State Nutrition Links

Nutrition Links is a program that offers free nutrition education to participants eligible for public assistance. Throughout the program, you learn the knowledge and skills needed to achieve a healthy and fulfilling diet on a limited budget. Anyone participating in the free virtual lessons has the opportunity to learn tips on healthy and smart shopping methods, food preparation, and recipes. The course included hands-on activities and cooking demonstrations to enforce what is learned during the virtual lessons. 93% of the program's participants have made positive dietary changes.



Organization Name

Narrative Description of Services Offered 

Pennsylvania Comprehensive Behavioral Health (PCBH)

PCBH is committed to the provision of innovative, timely, and superior quality services. They have high standards when it comes to ethics and client care and the overall treatment of all clients. Some of the services they provide include School-Based Outpatient Services, Mobile Therapy, Specialized Group Therapy, and Art Therapy. These are some of the many services that are offered through PCBH.

Care Solace

Care Solace has the goal of ensuring communities can access reliable, ethical, and high-quality mental health care services. With Care Solace it makes it very easy to schedule an appointment with a mental health care professional, just add in the information it asks and let them do all the hard work for you. There is an option to call and have a staff member book an appointment for you through whatever provider you choose.

Crisis Intervention

TruNorth Crisis Intervention offers solution-focused interventions to promote independence, personal growth, and collaborative decision-making that is intended to help the individual to return to a pre-crisis state. Crisis services are free, mobile, and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Suicide Prevention of York

SPY aims to provide help to people who need care, love, and someone to listen to what they feel. Suicide Prevention of York offers services like counseling, case management, and support groups.

York County MH/IDD

York County MH/IDD strives to serve and respect individuals in the community with mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and developmental delays in order to enhance their quality of life and the ability to reach their full potential. The IDD program offers early intervention programs and the MH program offers services like Family Support, Crisis, and Inpatient Care.

Organization Name

Narrative Description of Services Offered 


Parent Guidance offers educational and therapeutic support to empower and give hope while you support your child's mental health. Professionals teach and give support through the rough times, find hope and answers, and stay current by adding new courses monthly.

Family Child Resources

CAP aims to empower and inform those that care for the children of York. CAP will assist families, health care professionals, and social service providers by giving them the tools necessary to connect families in need to the special service agencies that serve them.

Children's Aid Society 

CAS strives to help children and their families build stronger, healthier lives through compassionate and professional services. CAS offers many different services which include Creative Art Therapy, Family Advocacy, God's Closet, Parenting Programs, Parent Support Groups, York C.A.R.E.S, and multiple homes and centers. CAS also has a 24-hour Hotline to provide immediate support from trained and caring staff. CAS also has a 24-hour referral service that can get you additional support and resolve issues.

Children's Home of York 

Children's Home of York offers therapeutic intervention to children, youth, and their families who are working in mental health situations. They offer specialized and focused care at difficult levels to meet the needs of the children and families.


Organization Name

Narrative Description of Services Offered 

Children's Health Insurance Program

Pennsylvania's Children Health Insurance Program covers all children who are under the age of 19, a U.S Citizen, a U.S National, or lawfully residing non-citizen, PA resident, Uninsured, and not eligible for Medical Assistance. Most families are eligible to receive CHIP at no cost. Even families with higher incomes are eligible for CHIP with low monthly premiums and copayment for some services.



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Organization Name

Narrative Description of Services Offered 

York County Drug and Alcohol Services 

Their mission is to serve, with respect, those individuals in the community with substance abuse problems; in order to enhance their quality of life and to provide them an opportunity to reach their fullest potential in York and Adams Counties, PA. They provide numbers for emergency detox facilities within York and Adams Counties along with different information on substance abuse that could assist with recovery. 

Addiction Center

This website is a source that gives statistics and information along with many resources to help teens beat substance abuse. This website goes into detail about the effects of teen substance abuse that can arise. Some of these include depression, broken relationships, trouble maintaining self-esteem, grief, loss, trauma, and having problems making friends. 

White Deer Run

White Deer Run of York offers personalized care to help adult men and women achieve successful long-term recovery from substance abuse and chemical dependency. Levels of care at their comprehensive addiction treatment center in York, PA, include detoxification and residential rehab. They treat adults ages 18 and above. 


Gaudenzia, Inc. is one of the largest nonprofit drug and alcohol treatment and recovery centers in the United States, with 51 facilities operating in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, D.C. Services include specialized programs for pregnant and parenting mothers, adolescents, and people suffering from co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse.

PA Counseling Intensive Outpatient