Welcome to the
Office of Transportation

The goal of the Office of Transportation Services is to provide safe, effective and efficient transportation to and from school. The Dover Area School District provides busing for students in Grades K-12 every school day. Bus assignments and bus stops are determined by August of each school year, and parents/guardians are notified to view their student’s information via their Skyward Family Access. School rules apply at the bus stop and during the bus ride. Parents and guardians are encouraged to reinforce appropriate bus behavior with their child. If you have any concerns about your child's bus stop or bus assignment, please contact the District at (717) 292-3671, ext. 80222. Concerns about bus or bus stop behavior should be addressed with your child's school principal. 

Please remember that kindergarten students must be met by a parent or guardian (or a family appointed adult) at their bus stop each day. If no one is there to meet the kindergarten student, the bus driver will not allow the student to depart from the bus. The student will be taken back to their school for parent or guardian pick-up.