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Interpreting the DASD COVD-19 Dashboard

The COVID-19 Dashboard will provide information regarding current COVID-19 positive cases and individuals needing to quarantine in an a real-time, dashboard format with a breakdown of the total number of cases in the previous fourteen days in each school building, along with the total number of cases for the school year.

  • Each morning, the COVID-19 Spreadsheet will be updated with the previous day’s COVID-19 data. This spreadsheet can be found by clicking on “Full Breakdown” at the bottom of the Dashboard.
  • Positive Covid-19 cases will be reported by building. The number of people quarantined will be reported by building. Cases will include both staff and students.
  • Individuals that test positive while working/ learning remotely during their infectious period DO NOT get counted within the 14-day window for a particular building.
  • Cases that are reported for individuals who have not been physically present for in-person instruction or work for the time period in which they contracted COVID do not count towards the 14-day total.

DASD COVD-19 Dashboard


For information concerning York County COVID-19 numbers as reported by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, please visit: https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Monitoring-Dashboard.aspx

PDF Document2021-04-11 COVID-19 Cases Close Weigelstown Elementary School
PDF Document2021-03-22 COVID-19 Cases Close Dover Area Middle School
PDF Document2021-03-22 COVID-19 Cases Close North Salem Elementary School
PDF Document2021-01-19 COVID-19 Cases Close Dover Area High School
PDF Document2021-01-11 COVID-19 Case Closes Dover Area Middle School
PDF Document2020-12-19 Extension of Closure at Leib Elementary
PDF Document2020-12-29 Extension of Closure at Dover Area High School
PDF Document2020-12-17 COVID-19 Cases Close Dover Area HS
PDF Document2020-12-17 COVID-19 Case Closes Leib ES
PDF Document2020-12-13 COVID-19 Case Closes Weigelstown ES
PDF Document2020-12-03 Emergency/Weather Closings
PDF Document2020-11-30 Revised Orders
PDF Document2020-11-24 COVID-19 Cases
PDF Document2020-11-22 COVID-19 Case
PDF Document2020-11-20 COVID-19 Case
PDF Document2020-11-19 COVID-19 Cases
PDF Document2020-11-18 REMINDER/ November 23 – December 4
PDF Document2020-11-17 COVID-19 Case
PDF Document2020-11-11 COVID-19 Case
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-11-05 Looking to November/December
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-10-12 COVID-19 Case
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-10-12 COVID-19 Update
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-10-11 COVID-19 Update
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-10-05 Important message from the DASD Superintendent
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-10-02 UPDATED - Superintendent Message
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-10-01 End of September Message from Superintendent
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-09-25 Middle School/ Confirmed COVID Case
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-09-24 Dover Area Middle School/ Suspected COVID Case
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-09-23 Returning Students to Buildings
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-09-21 Dover Area High School/ COVID-19 Case
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-09-14 Welcome Back Secondary Students
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-09-03 Welcome Back Elementary Students
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-09-01 2020-2021 Nurses Communication
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-08-28 Fall 2020 - 5 days a week
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-08-28 Fall 2020 - A/B - Mondays/Thursdays
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-08-28 Fall 2020 - A/B - Tuesday/Fridays
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-08-28 Fall 2020 - DASD Cyber Academy
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-08-28 Fall 2020 - Full Blended Instruction
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-08-25 DASD Family FAQ
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-08-21 Start of 2020-2021 School Year
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-08-06 Important message from Superintendent
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-07-22 DASD Health and Safety Plan Update
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-07-13 2020-2021 School Update
PDF Document​​​​​​​2020-06-08 Parent Intention/Transportation Survey

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PDF Document2021-04-11 Casos COVID-19 Cierra Weigelstown ES
PDF Document2021-03-22 Casos COVID-19 cierra la escuela secundaria del área de Dover
PDF Document2021-03-22 Casos COVID-19 Cierra North Salem ES
PDF Document2021-01-19 Casos COVID-19 Close Dover Area HS
PDF Document2021-01-11 Caso COVID-19 cierra la escuela secundaria del área de Dover
PDF Document2020-12-19 Extensión del cierre en la escuela primaria Leib
PDF Document2020-12-19 Extensión del cierre en la escuela secundaria del área de Dover
PDF Document2020-12-17 Casos COVID-19 Close Dover Area HS
PDF Document2020-12-17 Caso COVID-19 Cierra Leib ES
PDF Document2020-12-13 Caso COVID-19 cierra Weigelstown ES
PDF Document2020-12-03 Cierres por emergencia / clima
PDF Document2020-11-30 Pedidos revisados
PDF Document2020-11-24 Casos COVID-19
PDF Document2020-11-22 Caso COVID-19
PDF Document2020-11-20 Caso COVID-19
PDF Document2020-11-19 Casos COVID-19
PDF Document2020-11-18 RECORDATORIO: 23 de noviembre - 4 de diciembre
PDF Document2020-11-17 Caso COVID-19
PDF Document2020-11-11 Caso COVID-19
PDF Document2020-11-05 Mirando a noviembre / diciembre
PDF Document2020-10-12 Caso COVID-19
PDF Document2020-10-12 Actualización COVID-19
PDF Document2020-10-11 Actualización COVID-19
PDF Document2020-10-05 Mensaje importante del Superintendente del DASD
PDF Document2020-10-02 ACTUALIZADO - Mensaje del superintendente
PDF Document2020-10-01 Mensaje de fin de septiembre del superintendente
PDF Document2020-09-25 Escuela intermedia / Caso COVID confirmado
PDF Document2020-09-24 Escuela secundaria del área de Dover / Caso sospechoso de COVID
PDF Document2020-09-23 Estudiantes que regresan a los edificios (correo electrónico)
PDF Document2020-09-21 Escuela secundaria del área de Dover / Caso COVID-19
PDF Document2020-09-14 Bienvenidos estudiantes de secundaria
PDF Document2020-09-03 Bienvenidos estudiantes de primaria
PDF Document2020-09-01 2020-2021 Enfermeras Comunicación
PDF Document2020-08-28 Otoño 2020-5 días a la semana
PDF Document2020-08-28 Otoño 2020 - A / B - Lunes / Jueves
PDF Document2020-08-28 Otoño 2020 - A / B - Martes / Viernes
PDF Document2020-08-28 Otoño 2020 - DASD Cyber Academy
PDF Document2020-08-28 Otoño 2020 - Instrucción combinada completa
PDF Document2020-08-25 Preguntas frecuentes sobre la familia DASD
PDF Document2020-08-21 Inicio del año escolar 2020-2021
PDF Document2020-08-06 Mensaje importante del Superintendente
PDF Document2020-07-22 Actualización del plan de salud y seguridad del DASD
PDF Document2020-07-13 2020-2021 Actualización de la escuela
PDF Document2020-06-08 Encuesta sobre la intención / transporte de los padres

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