Artist rendition of new high school

Location: Next to the existing Intermediate School (Map)

Approximate Square Feet: 290,000

Spaces: General Classrooms, Science Labs, Special Education Classrooms, Computer Classrooms, Art Classrooms, Music Classrooms, Large Group Instruction, Independent Learning Center (ILC), CTC Labs & Classrooms, Greenhouse, Gymnasium, Auxiliary Gymnasium, Auditorium, Administration Offices, Cafeteria and Food Court/Kitchen

Proposed Timeline for Dover Area High School Construction Project:

  • August - September 2017: Architect works with committees to define educational specifications.
  • August – September 2017: Schematic design formulation by committees and architects.
  • October – December 2017: Design development by architect based on schematic formulation.
  • December 2017 – April 2018: Preparation of construction documents including obtaining necessary approvals from PDE, Municipalities, and PennDOT.
  • April – June 2018: Project goes out to bid.
  • July 2018: Construction begins.

Note: This an estimated timeline which is subject to change based on Board approval of all phases and other contributing factors.