Why is there a need for future capital projects?

The secondary structures and systems are unable to be sustained to meet the needs of our students, staff, and community. Based on the original construction and subsequent renovations, the secondary structures struggle to fully support today’s learning environments. As we work to empower and educate students in the 21st century, the existing secondary school facilities confront obstacles to continuously adapt for advancement in teaching, learning, and technology. Future capital projects will continue to maintain the safety for our students, staff, and community.

How will these projects affect taxes?

Assuming the following: $70 million construction/renovation project, 6% state reimbursement rate, current interest rates plus contingencies, and utilizing monies set aside from the district in past years, the average tax bill may increase approximately $24 per year for a period of ten years and/or equivalent mils could be reallocated through district budgeting processes.

Tax fact: Due to having no tax increases over the past three years, out of 15 districts in York County, the Dover Area School District went from the 5th highest millage rate in 2014-2015 to the 5th lowest in 2017-2018 while eliminating the unpopular per capita tax levy in 2016-2017. This financial approach has shown continued fiscal stability and responsibility.

How will future capital project benefit the greater Dover area community?

Future capital projects will provide a source of pride in the Dover Community where our residents are integrated into exploration and celebration of academics, athletics, and arts.

Has the district considered multiple options (i.e. renovations, building new)?

The Board of Directors, planning committees, community, parents, staff, and students explored multiple options over the past year in regards to renovation and new construction of secondary buildings while also taking into consideration various site locations. Multiple stakeholder surveys were conducted and results were taken into consideration leading to the Board of Directors voting to transition to the design phase of constructing a new high school at the intermediate site which includes renovating the current high school to ultimately move the current intermediate school students to the renovated building.

How will the district minimize student disruptions during capital projects?

Current plans for development are designed to minimize any disruption during the school day.