Our Staff

We believe that developing good students of good character is the responsibility of all of us. A positive, on-going working relationship between students, parents and staff is essential to developing good students and citizens. Please talk with your child daily about what happened at school during the day.

Be sure to call if there are problems or concerns. We also like to hear from you when things are going great!

Dover Area Intermediate School

4500 Intermediate Avenue
Dover, PA 17315
Phone: 717-292-8067


Gross, Victoria Principal 717-292-8067 x20101
Landis, Terri Assistant Principal 717-292-8067 x20102
Mefford, Kelly Dean of Students/Intervention Specialist 717-292-8067 x20103
Fultz, Virginia Secretary 717-292-8067 x20112
McCleary, Jane Secretary 717-292-8067 x20111

7th Grade

Glatfelter, Ashley ELA 717-292-8067 x25106
Krebs, Angie ELA 717-292-8067 x25293
Martin, Sarah ELA 717-292-8067 x25294
Spangler, Michelle ELA 717-292-8067 x25104
Betz, Jason Math 717-292-8067 x25106
Fortney, Devin Math 717-292-8067 x25292
Weaver, Shawna Math 717-292-8067 x25294
Leedy, Jennifer Science 717-292-8067 x25133
Blass, Nathan Social Studies 717-292-8067 x25016
Deardorff, Austyn Social Studies 717-292-8067 x25014

8th Grade

Kennedy, Christopher Computer 717-292-8067 x25142
Jarbola, Whitney ELA 717-292-8067 x25281
Manley, Margie ELA 717-292-8067 x25118
Tice, Ashley ELA 717-292-8067 x25291
Wood, Emily ELA 717-292-8067 x25127
Metzel, Lila Family and Consumer Science 717-292-8067 x25131
Grogg, Ryan Math 717-292-8067 x25112
Janosky, Linda Math 717-292-8067 x25284
Nelson, Keith Math 717-292-8067 x28282
Nolan, Lauren Math 717-292-8067 x25119
Patch, Diane Math 7172928067 x25117
Lesinski, Matthew Pre-Algebra 717-292-8067 x25117
Dennis, Joshua Science 717-292-8067 x25120
Johns, Ryan Social Studies 717-292-8067 x25129
Richards, Charles Jr Social Studies 717-292-8067 x25283


McCreery, Ashley Teacher 7172928067 x25150

Exceptional Children

Havens, Amber Special Education Teacher 717-292-8067 x20116
Koelsch, Deb Special Education Teacher 717-292-8067 x25111
Parker, Amy Special Education Teacher 717-292-8067 x25102
Shearer, Lynda Special Education Teacher 717-292-8067 x25113
Simpson, Timothy Special Education Teacher 717-292-8067 x25286

Media Center

Jackson, Jamy Media Specialist 717-292-8067

Performing Arts

Keller, Seth Band 717-292-8067 x25177
Apgar, Andy Chorus 717-292-8067 x25179

Physical Education

Janosky, Richard Teacher 717-292-8067 x20308
Miller, William Teacher 717-292-8067 x20306
Smoker, Tricia Teacher 717-292-8067 x20307

Student Services

Mayberry, Margaret Counselor (7th Grade Students) 717-292-8067 x20401
Elliott, Alyssa Counselor (8th Grade Students) 717-292-8067 x20402
Becker, Kamilla Nurse 717-292-8067 x20701

Title 1

Heller, Jessica Reading Specialist Teacher 717-292-8072 x75133

Visual Arts

Hershey, Angela Teacher 717-292-8067 x25175

World Languages

Stephenson, Thembi Teacher 717-292-8067 x25140