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The middle years are time for growth, challenge, and discovery. At the Dover Area Intermediate School, we encourage and prepare students to participate fully, to take risks, to be self-advocates, and to create lasting memories and relationships with peers and staff. I am proud to be the principal of such an exciting and dynamic school and to work in the unique and beautiful town of Dover.

Our goal at DAIS is to provide an enriching, engaging, and challenging curriculum that will prepare students for success while at Dover and for the years that follow. We believe that students, parents, and teachers all play a vital role in helping students reach their greatest potential. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources and opportunities available to them including the iPads, computer labs, school spirit days, W.E.B. program, team building activities, after school academic and athletic offerings, and teacher websites. Parents can check academic progress regularly via our parent portal and can access information about school events on our website.

We are PROUD of the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) program at our school. This is a systemic approach to proactive, school-wide behavior based on a Response to Intervention (RtII) model. PBIS applies evidence-based programs, practices and strategies for all students to increase academic performance, improve safety, decrease problem behavior, and establish a positive school culture.

Here at the Intermediate School we expect all Eagles will demonstrate

P – Perseverance

R - Respect

O - Ownership

U - Unity

D - Dedication


Mr. Rupp


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