DAHS Community Night

Wednesday, August 17, 2016  (5:00PM - 8:45PM)



ParentCamp (5:00PM)

This event will provide an opportunity for parents to engage with leaders at Dover Area High School to learn about and discuss core programs and initiatives. Parents will assist in selecting the content to be discussed and will be key players in guiding the discussion.

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Building Tours (5:00PM & 5:30PM)

Prior to Back to School Night, student leaders will provide tours of the building to any interested parties. Tours will begin last 20 minutes to allow parents to also participate in ParentCamp.


Back to School Night (6:00PM)

Back to School Night will provide an opportunity for parents to learn about our new DAHS core statement, follow their student's schedule, and engage with Semester 1 teachers. The schedule for this time is as follows:
6:00PM     DAHS: An Innovative Learning Community      Auditorium
6:25PM     Semester 1 Teacher Sessions                           Classrooms
7:25PM     Semester 2 Open House                                     Classrooms


Student Activity Fair (6:30PM)

While parents are engaged in classroom visits with teachers, the DAHS Egalitarians will be facilitating a Student Activity Fair for all students in the Main Gym. The event will feature presentations from student groups and an opportunity to engage student leaders for each group.


Meet the Team Night (7:45PM)

This event recognizes the atheltic programs of DAHS and DAIS for the fall season. Each program will be introduced and parents will have an opportunity to meet with coaches. This event will be held in the stadium at DAHS.


Marching Band Performance (8:30PM)

Community Night will conclude with a performance by the DAHS Marching Band. Under the direction of George Bradshaw, the band will present its first public performance of its 2016 program.


Additional Events (Entire Event)

During Community Night, the Red Zone (the DAHS school store), will be open to purchase your Dover Proud gear. Additionally, our in-school Members First branch will be open and several community groups will be set up throughout the building to provide information for interested parties.