Innovation Projects

Innovation Projects are teacher-facilitated ideas designed to improve professional practice and school culture. Each project is based on a problem of practice, identified by the teacher team. The summaries below provide information and outcomes for each Innovation Project at DAHS.


Celebrating Positive Student Achievement

Problem of Practice

There is a minimal reward structure in place to recognize students who stretch themselves academically and are successful.

Project Summary

The team has identifed the need to recognize students who are successful academically on a more frequent basis. Currently, students who achieve honor roll status do not receive any type of formal recognition unless they make distinguished honor roll over an extended period of time. The team is working to develop quarterly recognitions for honor roll students. This quarterly recognition ceremony will provide an opportunity for students to be celebrated in a manner that incorporates our parents and community. Additionally, the team is developing a tiered reward structure based upon honor roll status that allows students additional privileges based upon academic success. 

Action Plan Steps


Progress & Reflection